The top 5 survey sites I use!

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These are the top 5 survey sites I use to provide feedback and get paid for doing it:

InstaGC – cash out and get gift cards IMMEDIATELY! These usually pay for date nights for us.

Swagbucks – this site has all sorts of earning opportunities available. Surveys, games, shopping, etc. Don’t forget to also install the browser button after you sign up to be alerted with Swag Codes pop up (enter these for more points!).

I-SAY surveys

QMEE survey app (super easy to install and use) – I cash out straight to my PAYPAL account

Inbox Dollars – my biggest earner so far!! I cash out at least once a month for $30+.

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Are you an ALDI shopper? Check out this clever tool…

I LOVE ALDI! Every since I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease, I have been shopping at ALDI for almost all of my groceries. They have a lot of certified gluten-free products at great prices! Walmart has a very small, very limited gluten-free section that is also overpriced in my opinion. It’s a very defeating feeling to stand there and try to justify the prices even though you cannot eat anything else!

Many of my friends suggested ALDI. I shop there occasionally anyway but I have started shopping there much more often. We used to do our weekly shopping at Walmart in Kentucky (we live in TN right at the border) because the food is not taxed. Turns out there is an ALDI just a few min away from the Walmart, also tax free on food. We did a full grocery shopping there this morning and spent way less than we normally do at Walmart (and it was much easier because there is not a huge toy section there – we have two young kiddos). I was very excited!

On to the tool I mentioned…if you are an ALDI shopper, you need one of these bad boys. I found them at the checkout. I got one for myself and one for my mother, also an avid ALDI shopper. They were .99 a piece! I usually struggle to find a quarter but now I’ll always be prepared!

The ALDI store photo as well as the gluten photo are both from Google. The last 3 pictures are my own.